10" Slate Hanging Plates - Price £30.00


Whilst on holiday in the Lake District, we visited the slate mine at the top of Honister Pass.  The slate was lovely and I thought about the possibility of painting on them.  After some advice from a fellow artist, I took the plunge!

A very different surface to work on and quite a challenge, as the slates are not completely smooth, part of their attraction of course.  I was delighted with the result and their popularity, selling three of my initial four designs on the first weekend at Brett Gallery, Monks Eleigh. This was immediately followed by an order for two more as Christmas presents and then the sale of the Kingfisher, Woodpecker, Sedge Warbler and Wren. The last one was my own particular favourite.  Again, these all were sold through Brett Gallery.  I am adding new designs to keep my range as comprehensive as possible and you will see that there are now nine different birds to choose from.           



                                                       Kingfisher                                           Robin 


                                                            Puffins                                          Waxwings


                                 Great Spotted Woodpecker                                          Nuthatches


                                                 Sedge Warbler                                                           Wren


                                                                Sparrow                                                          Blue Tit


                                                         Great Tit                                                            Common Tern



                                       Robin on Tap                                                             Kingfisher with Berries


                                       Wren on Hollyhock                                                     Waxwings with Berries



                                                                                                          Crested Tits